Traffic Sniper Shooter

Traffic Sniper Shooter

Traffic Sniper Shooter

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City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D - Official Android Gameplay

Modern Traffic Sniper Shooter

Traffic Sniper Shooter Android Gameplay HD

New sniper shooting game came! In the game you can aim to kill terrorists who drive to escape in the city. Destroy the enemy car. And kill the enemy inside the car.

Terrorists and criminals are using a variety of local vehicles, your mission is not to let them escape, take the perfect shot, kill all enemies, your mission is very important, as a commando sniper, complete your work. Prove that you have the best sniper and hunting skills to shoot down the cars running on the city road.

The army is equipped with the latest sniper rifles and a variety of powerful weapons, making it easier for you to destroy terrorists and complete the mission. the game gives you a breathtaking experience of traffic sniper, so that you feel different sniper games.

Traffic Sniper Shooter Features:
- first person shooter game
- Simple and smooth control
- realistic 3D graphics
- a variety of modern sniper rifles
- Challenging missions
- amazing music and sound effects
- the real battlefield environment